Siân Naomi Dorman
is a North London based freelance textile artist /designer, graduate of the University of the Arts: Chelsea College of Art and Design with First Class Hons. Siân Dorman is enthusiastic and passionate about textiles, having specialised in the pathway of mixed media/stitch, she experiments with a vast array of materials and processes that more than not, realise a 3D sculptural outcome. Her bold and expressive works can usually be interpreted as sculpture or wearable art. Sian’s work varies in colour from project to project with the ability to produce both colourfully bold vibrant pieces as well as subtle monochrome.

Artist Statement:
“I can still remember my first three-dimensional brief, all the thoughts running through my head. I was absolutely terrified of the idea but also quite excited, although completely clueless about how I was going to go about it. I think this is the starting point of my progression, and love for 3D design. I have a definite style, enjoy adapting my work to fit a brief and like each and every project to transform and take on its own concept. Nature and its natural forms inspire me. There is so much repetition of pattern and shape, that even when it looks mirrored, nothing is the same."
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