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A Halloween themed multimedia group art exhibition and live art event featuring 44 artists. On show were six sculptures from the ‘Little Horror’ collection, Mad Scientist, Jack, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mike Wazowski, Microscopic Fly and Mutant Elk. ‘Think glamorous and grotesque, surreal and supernatural, beautiful and dammed, merciless and macabre, uncanny and undead!

‘Textile View Magazine’.    Magazine No107. Autumn 2014

Both a ‘Little Horror’ character, and a dress from ‘The Twisted and Strange in Horror’ collections were selected to be featured in the September edition of Textile View Magazine under the   winter womenswear inspiration 15/16. This happens to be my favourite industry magazine and feels like such an accomplishment to be chosen.

‘Float Art’ Bargehouse.    Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank, London

The Annual, non-profit organisation that aims to bring together all emerging graduate talent from all creative disciplines, to help them gain exposure and recognition selected my BA Textiles Degree Show Dresses to be a part of the 2014 exhibition from 24th-28th September. This was a very fulfilling experience for me, especially being selected as one of only two textile artists.
iiiiiiii JULY-

‘Textiles Summer Degree Show’.    Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

iiiii JUNE-

‘Textiles Environment Design (TED)’.    Chelsea College of Art, London

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. A small summer exhibit in the triangle space featuring works from ‘Flex’ produced under a sustainable design brief aiming to voice awareness of seriously concerning environmental issues that are heavily related the textile industry. Informing the viewer that textiles can be made with sustainable qualities and still be beautiful and challenging the connotations linked to eco design.

‘Indigo’, Chelsea stall.    Premiere Vision Trade Show, Paris, France

A group of Chelsea students visited the beautiful capital of France, Paris to work, promote and sell samples from ‘Decadence in Nature’ on the student stall at Indigo, Premiere Vision. This experience was so exhilarating, being in a foreign environment especially at the heart of Art, Culture and Fashion.

‘Home and Away’ Exhibition.   Chelsea College of Art, London

A small university exhibit featuring my project samples and final product from ‘Nature Taking Over an Urban Destination’. The exhibition held a variation of pieces from all textile specialisms.
iiiiiiii MARCH-

‘Transition’ fashion show.    Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

A collection of mixed media samples combining wax, latex, silicone, inks, wire mesh and fabric heat manipulation techniques, based around the theme of ‘Transition’. Looking at the development of rock formations/gems/crystals, shape, form and translucent pale colourways. This collection formed the basis for the final garment. A very OTT, theatrical, structured, angular three-dimensional outfit. Latex suspenders, horn headpiece and sculptural cropped jacket.